Tires are the only part of the vehicle that is in direct contact with the road, and on which the whole performance and vehicle safety depends. Realizing this fact, NASCO Automotive ,a subsidiary company of Abu Khader Group represents some of the worlds most reliable and superior quality tire brands to serve all segments in its respective markets in Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and Iraq.

Today, NASCO Automotive covers a wide range of tires including passenger cars, light trucks, trucks, agricultural, earthmovers (OTR) and industrial (forklifts) tires.

With the objective of serving all German car dealers such as Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi and Opel, NASCO Automotive the sole distributor of continental German Tires

NASCO Automotive has also become the sole reputable agent of the Japanese tire manufacturer Sumitomo through Jordan Automotive and Equipment Company. It is worth mentioning that NASCO Automotive represents SSW wheel alloys from Thailand.

In its continuous pursuit to offer the clients full services, NASCO Automotive has a specialized center for sale in Jordan. This center provides tire installation service, inspection and maintenance, as well as associated accessories. The center concentrates on applying high standards of warehousing and safety procedures, guaranteeing as adequate storing environment.

The center is located in a key area in Amman, and is equipped with technologically advanced equipments, and is operated by highly skilled personnel.