Petrochemicals & Lubricants

NASCO Automotive, a subsidiary company of Abu Khader Group,provides lubrication products and services across Jordan and the region, offering a diverse line of industrial lubricants, including oils, greases, synthetic lubricants, and additives.

Over the years, NASCO Automotive has gained a considerable reputation in the industry as experts in the world’s most sophisticated lubricants, as they are committed to providing lubrication products that are designed to literally outperform the task at hand. Thus, they have been exclusively selected as distribution partners of Castrol branded lubricants in Jordan, and as sole representative of trusted brand of Gulf lubricants (proven effectively under severe and fierce conditions) in Lebanon.

Through the group’s dedicated sales team, we have gained a considerable market share within a short period of time and have also succeeded in covering most parts of Jordan.

As part of its continuous growth plans, market insight, and long terms vision , Abu khader Group has developed a project to build and operate a chain of gas stations located strategically in different rural, urban and highways in Jordan by the year 2008. Gas stations will be Gulf branded, and all fuel related products will be sold under the Gulf quality and brand name. Each station will offer comprehensive automotive services including oil change, spare parts and minor maintenance. Customers will also have the opportunity to utilize other facilities provided by the station such as a supermarket, a cafeteria and restrooms.