business entity that specializes in providing comprehensive leasing solutions to businesses, government agencies and individuals.

In addition to cars, machinery and medical equipment divisions, the Company also has a real estate division. Comprehensive Leasing Company (CLC) provides a wide range of financing solutions tailored to meet the clients’ financial needs, coupled with a personal touch and customized approach. CLC provides up to 100% financing programs that are competitively priced with a fixed interest rate, and a payment schedule designed specifically for different client requirements.

CLC provides various benefits to its clients, including preserving capital and credit lines while cutting costs, this is achieved through financing which keeps a business’ capital source available to meet needed short-term requirements, while conserving cash and credit lines for long term expansions and growth plans. Moreover, CLC offers the option to include installation, maintenance, registration and insurance services as part of their monthly payments, granting the client an opportunity to reduce costs, and eliminate the risk of any future cost increase.

Utilizing CLC leasing services to acquire assets helps in minimizing the risk of assets obsolescence. As a new generation of equipments becomes available, the client is given the flexibility to upgrade, removing the burden of owning old or obsolete equipments. On the other hand, CLC offers flexible End-of- Lease options that includes trade-up to new equipment, continued equipment, return of equipment or the option of purchasing of the equipment option.

As is the case of all of the Abu khader Group companies, customer satisfaction is the main aim of CLC, taking personal care of our clients, and ensuring that their experience with us assists them in advancing their business further, since their success is our success.