Automotive Batteries Manufacturing

Established in 1994 The International Storage Battery Company (ISBCO) commenced its operations in 1995 under the German Hoppecke GmbH license specialized in manufacturing the automotive batteries, marketing and distribution, in Jordan and the region.

ISBCO is a high quality batteries leading manufacturer under DIN and JIS standards, producing several brands designed and manufactured to meet the Middle Eastern markets needs.

ISBCO has the technology and facilities to manufacture high quality products, along with staff and managerial expertise, trained in their fields to guarantee the proper application of each process. ISBCO achieved a quality milestone by receiving the ISO 9002 certification.

As a market leader, ISBCO and Abu khader Group are accountable towards it corporate citizens and environment, operating a manufacturing facility and taking in consideration its impact on the environment. The company has established a recycling plant that will extract lead from used batteries, thus providing battery manufacturing plants with the needed raw material, while reutilizing toxic lead, contributing to a healthier environment. ISBCO has been awarded the ISO 14001 certification confirming that ISBCO meets the environmental safety standards.

The company has future plans to acquire the technology of manufacturing Sealed Batteries, the Company responded to the increasing demands and was transformed into a public shareholding company – Comprehensive Multiple Project Company with a capital of JD 4,250,000 in order to raise enough funds to execute its plans. Future goals include expanding the factory’s capacity to one million batteries per year, in accordance with international environmental standards.